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Corporate Clients

Paying foreign currency

If you are importing from abroad you can pay your suppliers in their local currency simply and easily through our online dealing platform.

Receiving foreign currency

If you are receiving payments from customers abroad and these payments are coming in a local currency then these payments can be converted into your domestic currency simply and easily through our online dealing platform.

Currency hedging

If you know that you are going to be receiving or paying currency at a specified date in the future you can lock in your rates simply and easily now by undertaking a forward contract.

The rates paid are transparent, and with our price transparency you will see the rates we bought the currency in the market and the rate we sold it to you. This is important as all of our transactions are hedged in the market so we take no market risk and most other banks and brokers are not clear about the wholesale or interbank rate leaving it up to them to adjust the 'spread' or 'margin' charged on each trade.


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