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Looking for a reliable and efficient FX payment solution? Look no further than our same-day foreign exchange deliverable service. With access to multiple liquidity providers and SWIFT payment technology we ensure the best possible exchange rates, fast and secure transactions. Plus, our wire fees are covered at both the point of execution and delivery, so you can trust that your payments will arrive in full and without hidden costs. Contact us today to learn more about our global capabilities.

Collection accounts

Our Collection Accounts with multi-currency IBANS offer a more efficient and cost-effective way for our clients to receive foreign currencies when selling their products or services. These named accounts can be set up in any company name without the time-consuming bureaucracy that is typically involved. With Collection Accounts, our clients' customers can make payments in their own currency to a local bank account, creating a more seamless trustworthy process.

Fast Payment

Your payments are sent through the most efficient and secure routes via our international money transfer service. Enabled by our SWIFT membership and global banking partners, your international suppliers can trust that they’ll get paid on time.

Full Audit Trail

We provide transaction receipts online and by email so you have a fully auditable payment trail. You can review your account history online as well as keep up-to-date with any outstanding balances.

Limit Order:

If you’re looking to achieve a specific rate, we can arrange a limit order. This allows you to target a specific rate of exchange. We monitor the markets on your behalf and should the market reach your predetermined exchange rate, your currency is bought or sold automatically. Your order can be amended or cancelled at any time prior to the transaction taking place. There’s no charge or fee involved in arranging a limit order.

Stop Order:

A stop loss order works in exactly the same way as a limit order but offers you protection should the exchange rate start to move in the wrong direction for you. You can set a stop loss order as an insurance tool, meaning that if the rate moves against you and in the opposite direction to the market trend, you are guaranteed that a worst case scenario rate is secured at a pre-agreed level so there is no risk of the rate continuing to drop below your budget level.

One Cancels Other (OCO):

This is a combination of a limit and a stop order. During certain market conditions it may seem ideal to place a limit order and try to achieve a rate better than the current market position, however there is always a chance that it may not be achieved and the exchange rate could move against you. The OCO trade allows you to set a best and worst case scenario and the rate is secured whichever level is achieved first.


Bulk pay multiple recipients across multiple currencies through a simple file upload Online or through your dealer, reducing time spent on administration.


We take the security of your payments and business seriously by safeguarding your funds through our accredited FCA-regulated facility. 

Security and Payment facilities:

Transact in 36 currencies allowing you to send domestic and international payments to over 180 countries.

Forward Hedging:

Forward contracts can be a useful tool to mitigate currency risk. By locking in a predetermined exchange rate you can protect yourself or your business from potential losses due to currency fluctuations. Contracts offer a significant advantage by allowing you to lock in the exchange rate for your next international business payment. This provides you with the ability to plan ahead with confidence, knowing the exact amount of money that will be deducted from your account when purchasing items in foreign currencies.

The benefits of locking in a forward exchange rate are you can protect your business from any unfavourable shifts in the exchange rate and ensure that you receive the secured forward exchange rate, regardless of what happens in the foreign exchange markets. This can be a smart move for any businesses looking to mitigate risk and ensure stability in their financial planning.

With a currency forward contract, you can mitigate the risk that the currency markets can pose to your purchases, ensuring that the prices you pay for these items do not rise because of unfavourable moves in the foreign exchange markets. Forward contracts are often used by businesses as hedging strategies to reduce their currency exposure.

Proactive blended hedging is a smart strategy that businesses can use to minimise their downside risk while still being able to take advantage of positive market movements. By blending different types of hedges, businesses can create a customised risk management plan that suits their specific needs and goals. This approach can help businesses protect their bottom line and stay competitive in today's dynamic market. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or if you need help setting up a forward contract.

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